Alberto Moretti loafers

Good morning!
Here it is another outfit from Sardegna: the light colors of khaki and white are interrupted by the jacket and shoes blue creating a balanced contrast. The only bright color is the light blue edge of my Alberto Moretti loafers that play down a formal shoe and that makes it perfect for summer outfits.
The last picture shows me and Filippo F with our dear friend Gianluca Vacchi, a famous entrepreneur from Bologna that achieved a great popularity on Instagram thanks to his humor and style in just a couple of month: we can say that he has become an icon thanks to his # GVlifestyle.
I wish you a good day, and for those on holiday, good rest!

Filippo C


Alberto Moretti loafers
– Royal Hem jacket
– Hermes Collier de Chien
– Hermes Cape Cod

 photo 7D9B4086d.jpg
 photo 7D9B428d2.jpg
 photo 7D9B4335h.jpg
 photo 7D9B417d9.jpg
 photo 7D9B443x4.jpg
 photo 7D9B4437d.jpg

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