Good morning guys!
How are you?
Here in Sardegna everything goes wonderfully and finally, after a very busy year, we’re starting to relax.

These are the pictures we took the first day while cruising with a couple of friends.

Have a nice day

 photo IMG_6886d.jpg
 photo IMG_6972.jpg
 photo IMG_6943.jpg
 photo IMG_6916.jpg
 photo IMG_7034f.jpg
 photo IMG_6910j.jpg
 photo IMG_6812.jpg
 photo IMG_7085d.jpg


  • Villebrequin swimshirt
  • Ottica Bergomi sunglasses


  • Finamore swimshirt
  • Ottica Bongi sunglasses
  1. Hey Guys,
    It’s quite obvious that you’re having a good time – your pictures are always more than stunning.
    But “The 3F” used to be a very inspiring & creative FASHION blog.
    Lately it’s more about the “good life” & “showing off” – and less about the fashion & styling.
    Your recent fashion-blog entries are getting quite one-dimensional, repeating things we have already seen.

    I have to say – I really miss the days of the old “The 3F”.
    The new blog looks great (regarding the design & layout), but the spirit & charme of the old one (regarding the fashion & creative part) is missing.

    have a great summer

    1. Ciao Dix, thanks for your comment!

      What I want you to know is that TheThreeF is more than a fashion blog. It’s the reflection of our life.
      We are growing, the blog is growing with us and you, readers, are doing the same.

      The main core of the blog is fashion, of course, but we like also involving you in everything concerning our life. Thanks to the blog we are making great experiences and it would be crazy not to put them on the blog and sharing them with you that are mostly the key of the success of thethreef.

      Ps. Don’t worry: lots of “fashion posts” are coming :)

      Big hug and thanks for being such a passionate reader.

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