Capri. #Yamacruise. Day 2

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Yamamay trip continues in Capri, a wonderful island that is famous for its beautiful landscapes and atmosphere.
If you start exploring the island you get lost in a thousand of little streets where it seems to be in the 50’s.
My outfit is very simple but classy at the same time: the main character is the Yamamay swim suit that I combined with a linen shirt and a pair of Timberland shoes. The watch is an Omega Seamaster with a military green Nato strap.
Do you like it?
Have a great day!

FIlippo C

Yamamay swim suit
Banana Republic shirt
Timberland shoes
Omega Seamaster watch

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  1. Non male l’outfit.

    Le scarpe, però, decisamente troppo invernali con la para così alta (sono infatti il modello invernale delle boat shoes di Timberland)!!! Soprattutto a Capri, in una giornata di sole maggiolina ed indossate con un costume e la camicia di lino!

    What were you thinking?!?!


  2. veramente………un paio di boat shoes di asos da 20 euro avrebbero fatto la loro bella figura anzichè un paio di timberland invernali con la suola carrarmato

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