Spanish luxury label Loewe will be soon launching on the market a capsule collection with a reduced price, aimed at attracting a younger audience, by the name of “Tales of Spain”.

The creative director, Stuart Vevers, has taken inspiration from the prints of the 70-80s found in the archives of the maison, employing the same passion for research and knowledge of the brand that he has used since he was first appointed in 2008. He was the one that contributed to the relaunch of the iconic Amazona bag, adding a bright palette to it and created its younger sister Ame bag, much coveted and loved by celebrities.

While respecting the key values of the brand- high quality of the leather, attention to detail and stitchings, tracing back to the spanish roots of the brand- he kept on innovating, making 7 international bloggers the ambassador of the new born bag “Leo”. Each one of the girls has styled the bag following her personal intuition and taking advantage of the beautiful location provided by the cities they live in: the use of social media is a new strategy for the brand, showing that their products are young, versatile, fun, modern but loyal to their roots. The latest collection will constitute a further step forward, it will be a younger take on one of the Loewe signatures, the butterfly print, reinterpreted in acid colours, and applied on sweatshirts, sunglasses, bags, scarves, jewellery and even nail stickers. However it will still reference various aspects of the Spanish culture, comprising the Manton de Manila, the traditional shawls used by flamenco dancer to the beautiful leather. It’s gonna be young fun, bold and feminine and I am already hooked! What else should we expect from Loewe? I just can’t get enough!



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