Jacket Lapels: the differences.

The jacket lapel is one of the main elements to be evaluated when we decide to buy a jacket.
There isn’ t a lot to know about it – partly because the options are basically 3 – but it is good to be able to distinguish the different types of lapels and to understand what best fits your body, the kind of suit and the occasion.

Classic Lapel (or notched)
It’s the classical lapel for the single-breasted suit, that paspartout that we all have in our wardrobe: you can recognize it because it creates a cut notch that seems a step.

photo Scherffmata2013-04-21alle100255.jpg

Pointed Lapel
It’ s generally used for formal jackets- especially double-breasted- but it’ s also chosen for coats and dinner jackets. Nowadays pointed lapel is becoming popular even for single breasted jackets.

 photo Schermata201f3-04-28alle143444.jpg

Roll collars
It’s not very popular especially because it is mainly used for tuxedos. You can recognize it because it doesn’t create any corner or edge but it frames the neck with a nice fabric curve.

 photo fffff2013-04-28alle143350.jpg

How to
The collar width greatly varies depending on the type of jacket and depending on the historical moment that we consider. In fact, the collar is an element that has changed and still changes according to fashion.
It’s good to know that narrow lapels are the best in order to lean and to slender thin bodies while larger lapels are more suited to robust body types because they can hide some defects.
The lapel width on single-breasted jacket can vary between 8.5 cm to 10.5 cm, while for the double breasted from 9 cm to 12.5 cm.

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