Timberland was founded in 1918 by Nathan Swartz and became very popular for the high quality products and for the natural recalls.
This brand is leader in the outdoor apparel market and it’s chosen by who respect and loves nature.
Timberland sailing shoes were very popular during the ’80s in Italy but also nowadays they are still fashionable.
It’s perfect to wear them with blue jeans, but it’s also nice to combine them with more formal pants in order to obtain a casual but at the same time sophisticated look.

 photo 1r001r.jpg
 photo classic_bovvatf_navy_mar_3.jpg
 photo IMG_6229x.jpg
 photo TI111Avvb02Q-30411.jpg
 photo classirrc_boatr_dkbn_brun_4.jpg
 photo timberlandbanvk.jpg
 photo berlla.jpg
 photo IMG_g9625.jpg

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