When we talk about suit we mean that garment made up of jacket and trousers of the same fabric.
This definition may seem simplicistic if we think about the “science” necessary in order to create the good suit.
But let’s start with order.

The suit is the typical elegant garment for man even if it can be appropriate for informal occasions.

A good suit is easy to be recognized because everything depends by two factors: the fabric and the cut.

The fabric can be heavier or lighter -depends by the season- but it should always be of the best quality.
It’s good to previously understand in what occasions it will be worn: the fabric would be completely different if you will wear it in a freezing office or during a summer wedding. In any case worsted wool is always a valid alternative for any season because it’s very durable, not too heavy and also wrinkling resistant.

The cut is the suit second most important attribute: it should always improve the wearer’s figure by enhancing the strength and hiding small defects of the body. In any case the perfect cut depends by the Gentleman’s figure: a thin man should wear a skinny suit with small lapels while a fattest one should choose a suit that can improve his body.

The suit motherland is definitely Great Britain even if Italy is famous for the processing of light fabrics.

This short introduction will be followed by articles that will deal more specifically with fabrics, cuts and recommended brands.

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