The origin of the necktie

The word “cravate” (tie in English) appears for the fist time in France under the kingdom of Louis XIV to indicate the scarves in use to the Croatian knights at that time. Some texts also indicate that the real origin of the tie is related to the long pieces of fabrics used by the Roman legionaries of the second century AD to protect their necks from the cold.

The truth is that the origin of this accessory is more recent.
The first prototype of the tie dates back to the eighteenth century when some american Gentlemen started to tie around their necks long pieces of fabric then stopped with an eye-catching bow.

However is England, in the late nineteenth century, where the “modern” tie born and it’s exactly at Oxford Exeter College where the club tie appeared for the first time. It was the gesture of rebellion of some students who decided to tie around their necks pieces of fabrics previously around their straw hats.

Later, in the early 20s of the twentieth century, once again American people started to adopt the classic 45 ° cut that still characterizes the end of most of the contemporary ties. Not only an aesthetic whim but a ploy to make the tie much stronger.

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