A lot of people might think that the name of this famous hat comes from the state of Panama, but the fibers of dwarf palm that gives life the famous hats are woven in Ecuador.
The result is a very strong but at the same time soft hat – it can be even rolled- that is ideal to protect from the sun during the summer.
Part of its fame comes from stories, sometimes true legends, about this famous hat loved by writers, artists and politicians. An example?
It is said that the name was given by the U.S. President Roosevelt who, at the inauguration in 1906 of the homonymous canal that links the Atlantic and the Pacific, put it on and named it “Panama”.
Since then, the Panama became synonymous of adventure and daring and soon became famous in the U.S. and later in Europe.
The great value of this timeless accessory has been recognized even by Unesco in 2012 that declared it intangible heritage of humanity.

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