Just few years ago a City Gentleman would have never worn a wool tie with an evening suit.
This kind of tie was really common in the countryside but at the contrary it wasn’t popular in the city: this is the reason why it was for a long time associated to artists and writers snobbism.
Today the wool tie is really popular and has been willingly accepted even by the most conservative Dandies that use to wear it with tweed jacket or even with blue and grey formal suits: the result is a more casual but at the same time classy look.
The typical wool tie color is solid but it’s easy to find a lot of different variations -for instance polka dots and stripes-.
It’s perfect for winter but bright and vibrant colors are appropriate also for summertime.

 photo tumblr_lusqfkv8MVxm1qd9y1uo1_500.jpg
 photo tumblr_mjxfsfdMlvu1qebuobqo1_500.jpg
 photo tumblr_ls7q5blB82vu1qcugvvo1_500.jpg
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 photo 26443fcc0387fgcv9adf7b5e2438ca15be.jpg
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 photo 419038369v8b_e6b0672468.jpg
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 photo a65a5503108ee4b7f2e6fb148caafccd8.jpg
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  1. Hi there

    I’m trying to buy the tie that you have displayed above this page.
    Unfortunately I can’t find the company or brand of this tie on your website.
    It’s the grey tie with multicoloured polka dots.

    Can you help assist me?

    Really appreciate this as I want this tie for my wedding.

    Cheers Jonathan