Vintage sunglasses

We all have a lot of forgotten sunglasses in our drawers from ’70s, ’80s and ’90s.
Sunglasses are great to represent the fashion of a particular historical period and it’s nice to wear them again and live – or live again- a particular period.
Here it is a short list of great sunglasses that now became history – Ray Ban, ST Dupont, Cartier, Cazal…-
It’s nice to see how contemporary they are even if they are quite old.

 photo occhigali-da-sole-vintage-cazal-648-750.jpg
 photo occhgiali-da-sole-vintage-cartier-cabriolet-t8200054.jpg
 photo occhiali-da-gsole-vintage-christian-lacroix-7332-90.jpg
 photo occhiali-dga-sole-vintage-cazal-745.jpg
 photo occhiagli-da-sole-vintage-dupont-d004-20-v6050-blu.jpg
 photo occhgiali-da-sole-vintage-cazal-960-332.jpg
 photo occhiavli-da-sole-vintage-cazal-745-746.jpg
 photo occhiali-dva-sole-vintage-paloma-picasso-1460-70.jpg
 photo occhiavli-da-sole-vintage-ray-ban-classic-style-iii.jpg
 photo occhiamvli-da-sole-vintage-cazal-745-746.jpg
 photo occhialiv-da-sole-vintage-ray-ban-fashion-style-ii.jpg

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