Soft Camo J Brand Jeans

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When it happens that I find the perfect pair of jeans I never let them go. This is exactly what is going on since I got my first pair of J Brand Jeans.
They apparently seem to be beige but, depending on the light, they tend to ton sur ton camo shading.
In this post I’m also weariny my new limited edition Delirious sunglasses that have been kindly customized with my initials.

Sorry if I’ve been a bit ‘absent lately but we’re hardly working on a new TheThreeF.

J Brand Kane slim fit jeans (buy here )
Tailor made shirt
La Marucca cashmere sweater  (buy here)
Delirious sunglasses (buy here)
Cesare Paciotti Madison shoes
vintage belt
Hermès Kelly Depeche briefcase
IWC watch – orologio

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