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Since I saw the other day in the showroom of DONDUP I’ve no longer been able to take my eyes off her. Yes, I ‘m having an affair  with this printed sweatshirt that reproduces the famous poster of the 1975 movie “Jaws” directed by Spielberg. :)

The sweater is part of the new DONDUP LIMITED EDITION collection that will be in store by the end of November. Are you ready for the invasion?

  • Dondup Sweatshirt
  • PT01 Pants
  • Bongiorno e Tante Belle Cose Denim Shirt
  • New Balance Trainers
  • Karen Walker Sunglasses
  • Rolex Explorer II Watch

Pics by Elisa Raffetto

  1. Certo che in Dondup son proprio dei fenomeni.
    Creare una banalissima felpa con stampa e renderla desiderabile non è facile.
    Potenza del brand.
    Sinceri complimenti al merketing Dondup.

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