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My hotel room :)
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My outfit
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I’m back home after the two days spent in London with Asos, where together with a group of 12 international bloggers I had the opportunity to visit the HQ of the brand and to have a little preview of the new Christmas (don’t miss the funny Assossin video) and SS2013 collections.

Head designer for menswear John Mooney’s been our special guide through the shooting studios, the “famous” catwalk, and through the offices where more than 500 people daily work.
It’s been cool to be part of the Asos “family” for a couple of hours and to meet such nice people. ;)
Enjoy the pics and the casual outfit I chose to wear.
  • Givenchy Rottweiler sweatshirt – felpa
  • Patrizia Pepe Pants – pantaloni
  • Nike Air Force trainers – scarpe
  • Hermès bangle – braccialetto
  • IWC Portuguese watch – orologio
  • Ottica Bongi sunnies – occhiali da sole
Thanks Cupofcouple for the outfit pics  :)

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