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The color of winter 2012 is green, especially in the military and wood nuances. If you need some ideas I suggest you to take a look to the fw 2012 fashion show. :)

Today I decided to bring green to my accessories. In fact, my fond Prada wallet/card-holder perfectly fits with the new Superglamourous Yale Flat Babouche in the same tone of green.
Soon the new “online bespoke corner” will be available up on ​​Superglamourous , thanks to which you will have the possibility to create and customize your own pair of shoes.

Sign HERE to learn more.

  1. Hi Filippo,

    I don’t know why, but I find your outfit very “Italian”. Perhaps because I often see some “elements” of your outfit when I’m in Italy (especially in Rome). Indeed, not only there is the association of the three colors: navy-blue, beige and grey, but there’s also the type of clothing, especially your sleeveless jacket and your sweater with the patches on the elbows. Anyway, I really love this outfit, it’s both chic and relaxed, in short, perfect for the weekend.

    Have a good day.

    Big Hug :-*


  2. Impeccabile, ho appena ordinato il pantalone Burberry! Poi c’è quell’orologio che conferisce sempre un tocco in più ai vari outfit; è davvero bello.
    PS: ti avevo inviato una email qualche giorno fa, potresti controllare magari?

  3. Bellissimo outfit, pezzo forte i pantaloni dal taglio essenziale e già dalle foto si percepisce la qualità del tessuto usato.
    Una domanda: ho i capelli simili ai tuoi, da che barbiere ti servi a Milano? Mi piace molto il tuo attuale taglio! Sono arrivato in città da poco e mi sarebbe fantastico avere qualche dritta!


    Richi B

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