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The first weekend dedicated to total relax after the efforts of exam to become architect. I left Milan to spend a few days with my family in Cremona, the city where I come from.
This week I’m leaving again for two days off. Could you guess the city and the brand who invited me?
Wish you the best start of the week.

  • Dondup Montgomery coat
  • Polo Ralph Lauren shirt
  • J.Crew chinos
  • Ottica Bongi Sunglasses
  • Tommy Hilfiger penny loafers
  • Gallo socks
  1. Hi Filippo,

    You pay tribute to the classics with this great preppy look! Everything is there: the navy-blue Duffle-coat, the madras shirt and obviously the penny-loafers (you just forgot to insert a coin in your penny-loafers’ diamond cutout). Anyway I really love this outfit especially the Duffle-coat because it brilliantly revisits the traditional style, in particular with its raw-edges (or unfinished edge or frayed edge… I don’t know the right word in English but in French we say « coupe à cru »). In conclusion, it’s a perfect outfit, for a perfect week-end in family… So, congrats it’s a very good choice!

    Have a nice week.

    Big Hug :-*


  2. Guardarti e capire che ci può essere armonia anche in ciò che indossiamo!
    Hai il grande dono della misura, del saper indossare un abito nel giusto modo e nella circostanza adeguata: ormai è una rarità!
    Splendido il montgomery :)

  3. ciao Filippo!!! complimentissimi vivissimi per l’ esito dell’ esame :) ehi, il montgomery sta da dio con quegli occhiali e quei mocassini! ma sono nuovi? cmq si vede che hai l’ aria un po’ stanca, ma la tua espressione diventa ogni giorno più dolce… il montgomery è di questa stagione?
    Muzy C.

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