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Hey guys! What’s up?
I got messages from some of you asking me if everything was fine. Well, I’ve been quite in a bad mood for the last weeks and now I’ve just gone through some days with a strong cold: really the worst way to start the new “fashion year”. :)
Everything is Ok now and I’m ready to be back as I used to. :)
Thank you all for being truly special!
1. Borsalino Hat. Can’t wait to wear it!
2. Fendi O’ perfume. Have you ever tried it?
3. Furla SS2013 Ipad Case + Crocco Lario Iphone Case. Perfect match. Isn’t it?
4. Daily masterpiece: a vase full of the invitations I’ve got this year. Can you spot some brands? :)
5. Antonella Piacenti python bracelet

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