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 photo Nike_air_force_filippo_fiora_11.jpg
 photo Nike_air_force_filippo_fiora_9.jpgIn the city o
f contradictions I couldn’t try contradictions themselves on my own. This is why I’m trying to go on matching some elegant and classy stuff like I did in the previous post but in a stronger way. Like I saw for example at Ferragamo’s SS 2013 show I’ve decided to match super classy and tailor made blue pants with my new pair of trainers (this is the time for my new Nike Air Force I bought just before leaving Milan). What do you think about this quite unusual for me combination of styles?
Ps: I took the first pics at Jing’an Temple, really cool!
  • Have a good day!
  • Filippo
  • Sartoria Rossi Tailor Made Pants
  • Ottica Bongi Sunglasses
  • Nike Air Force Shoes
  • IWC Watch
  • Tiffany Ring

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