FIRST DAY IN SHANGHAI. New Balance Trainers and blazer

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After a twelve hours flight I arrived in Shanghai yesterday where I found I better city that the one I remembered from last year. Maybe it’s just because it’s that kind of city that has to be discovered little by little.

I started visiting the old town with its antique furniture market, the French Concession (where Phil rented a super cozy apartment) and Nanjing Lu area. I really love the contrast between traditions and modernity you can experience hanging through the town.
I was wearing my new pair of  New Balance 574 Trainer Shoes (really helpful when you have to walk for kilometers and a Phil’ backpack to keep my reflex camera and all my stuff).Have a good Saturday!

  • Royal Hem Jacket
  • Tailor-made Shirt
  • Barrow Bologna Chinos Pants
  • New Balance 574 Trainer Shoes
  • Ray Ban Clubmaster Sunghasses
  • Tiffany Ring
  • IWC Watch

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