florence. filming for philips PART 2

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I was in Florence on Thursday where we ended up with the video we started filming Wednesday in my house, this the reason why I had to wear the same outfit. Do you remember that post?
There result will come in a video for the launch of Wallpaper: a new contest dedicated to the personal style, launched by Philips in collaboration with the legendary VICE magazine. The contest will be divided into three different moments and I’ll be the “Ambassador” for the chapter number three, the third and final phase of the contest.
Be ready because you will be asked to participate in a super active way to win crazy prizes! :)
Here all the informations about the top stores you’ve just seen in the post.

Liverano & Liverano atelier sartoria Firenze
Via Dei Fossi, 43r – 50123 Florence, Italy
Tel.(+39) 055-2396436
web: http://www.liverano.com/

Roberto Ugolini Firenze, calzature su misura
Via Michelozzi 17r – 50125 Florence, Italy
Tel.(+39) 055-216246
web: www.roberto-ugolini.com

Ottica Bongi
Via Por Santa Maria, 82 – 50122 Florence, Italy
Tel.(+39) 055-2398811
web: www.otticabongi.com

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