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I’m back in Milano after the two awesome days spent in Paris with G.H.Mumm.

Sono tornato a Milano dopo i due incredibili giorni trascorsi a Parigi su invito di G.H.MummI landed in Paris in the very late morning of Thursday. A car brought me to the hotel and then I spent my free afternoon hanging around Rue Saint Honoré area and getting lost visiting the Louvre Museum (it was not my first time in Paris but my very first time exploring this massive “temple of culture”; crazy!)
Then I got ready for the G.H.Mumm ball at Pavillon Cambon ( yes…the street that Coco made so well-known) that was all about Champagne (of course) and “Les 100 Protocoles du Champagne” which is a sort of handbook including 100 tips and secrets to enjoy champagne in the best possible way. At the party I had the possibility to be introduced to some members of the big “Mumm family” and to the other bloggers invited to attend the party. The event was crazy and it ended up with an after-party somewhere in Paris. 🙂
After something like 20 glasses (flutes , pardon) of Champagne I went to bed super super happy about the great night and party. 🙂

Despite the Champagne still flooding in my body, yesterday I woke up early in the morning. I had brunch near Place des Victoires with a super tasty and mostly healthy Croque madame and fries. Then I hanged around Marais and St.Germain districts before leaving I couldn’t  have a break at Tuileries garden to enjoy the sun lying on a bench.

A ‘bientôt Parigi!

Ps: A very special and big THANKS to the G.H. Mumm crew for the perfect hospitality!

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  1. Hi Filippo,

    20 flûtes de Champagne!!!!! OMG! Yet I had said you to drink with moderation 😀

    Anyway, I’m very pleased that you had a great time in Paris. In any case you took very nice pictures of the city and I think they fairly reflect this so particular spirit which reigns there… Congrats!

    I just have a little disappointment: I don’t see your fabulous red socks 🙁

    Big hug :-*

    Have a nice week-end


    NB : I really love the last picture.

  2. I love your outfits, your shoes, you in general, honestly. But seriously, what is up with the petrified looks on your face? Is paris scaring you for some reason or something?

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      About the petrified looks on Filippo’s face, you’re absolutely right, and I admit I thought the same thing but I didn’t dare ask. It’s really surprising because usually Filippo smiles, which illuminates his beautiful face.


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