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No man’s clothing collection is complete without a decent pair of comfortable and reliable jeans. For decades, denim has been the foundation of men’s fashion thanks to the variety of styles available, the flexibility it adds to your wardrobe and the high quality of the material. But with so many cuts available, it can sometimes be tricky to know exactly how to style jeans. So what should you be looking for in a new pair?

1.The first thing to remember when choosing jeans is the fit. As with all clothes, a good fit can make any piece look ten times better than it does on the rack. As a rule of thumb you should be able to wear a pair of jeans without a belt and the hem should reach the bottom of your heel when you’re not wearing shoes. If the jeans fit nicely, you’re probably onto a winning pair.

2.Secondly, stay away from acid wash jeans. Unless you want to look like part of the cast of Flash Dance, acid wash simply has to be a no go. During the 80s, acid wash jeans were all the rage but, thankfully, as we moved away from the decade of questionable trends, the fashion world realized the error of its ways and ditched the look in favour of stone wash. The stone washing process gives denim a much more natural worn-out look and has been a hugely popular choice ever since. Perhaps the most important thing to remember when buying jeans is that your own personal preference is extremely important. If you feel comfortable – and fashionable – in a particular cut then you’re going to wear it with confidence and pull off your whole look with more aplomb.

3.Lastly, a pair of jeans should last you a few years, so you should be prepared to buy them from a popular designer and pay a little extra for them. Mens Ben Sherman jeans, for example, come in a selection of high quality and fashionable styles, so you’ll be able to find a pair to perfectly suit your tastes.

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