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Saturday means wearing a comfy look starting from the shoes. This is why I chose to wear the latest enter in my wardrobe: pony Superglamourous babouche. I’m planning a huge surprise for you dealing with super Superglamourous…stay tuned! =D

Yesterday here it was like summer so I ate sitting outside (while I was eating I met up Fausto Puglisi walking out his cute black Labradors),  took a walk and even ate one of the first ice-creams of the year.  Easiest and relaxing things always let me spend saturday afternoons in the best possible way. What do you like to do in your spare time?

Have a good day!

  • Ottica Bergomi Sunglasses
  • Buongiorno denim Shirt
  • Prada Pants
  • H click + Kelly dog Hermès Bracelets
  • Pony babouche thanks to Superglamourous

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