Sorry for my inexcusable absence during the last days but I’ve been really busy. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you the reason of it very soon!
This is the outfit I chose for the opening party of the new “Hackett” flagship store in Milan. The store and even the collection are really cool  and I spent such a cool night. I’ll post all the pics of the event soon here on the blog.
I took the pics on Thursday. I was really a warm and sunny so I opted for a fresh outfit based on different  shades of blue.
Do you like my new haircut?
  • Royal Hem Jacket
  • Brioni Shirt
  • Topman Pants
  • Asos Spitfire Sunnies
  • Church’s Tassel Loafers
  • IWC watch
  1. Complimenti per l’eleganza!
    Poi ci dirai cosa c’era nel sacchetto della Church’s dell’ultimo post…ci hai lasciato per 4 giorni con questo dubbio!!!

    1. Hi BG

      You’re right, it lacks a belt and secondarily a tie or a bow tie.
      However, for his Tassel Loafers, I disagree with you. In addition, as I’ve already written, it’s only in France where this type of shoes has a negative image and even corny. Elsewhere it’s absolutely not the case, in addition, often the hippest guys wear Tassel Loafers.

      However, about his Tassel Loafers’ brand : Church’s, as I wrote, I had some reservations because of it “bookbindé” models. For those who don’t know what’s the définition of “bookbindé”, it’s a leather whose surface (grain leather) has been “shredded” to be covered with plastic! It’s a technique widely used in Italy for sofas in true/false leather. In my opinion, it’s a sacrilege to cover leather grain with plastic, a material that’s aging badly. Besides, I don’t hesitate to say, like many lovers of beautiful shoes, that it’s a shame for a brand like Church’s to sell several hundreds of euros “plastic shoes” as we can found it (in only a few euros) at the supermarket.

      Have a good afternoon.


  2. magistrale, un vero gentleman, ti propongo un’alternativa, dimmi tu come la vedi: giocando con le tonalità dei blue, ho visto dei mocassini scamosciati blue che si sposavamo benissimo, sia con dei pantaloni sempre blue, e giacca blue, ma tutto con tonalità diverse, e anche le calze erano blue: il risultato è davvero piacevole alla vista: tutto sta nell’azzecchare l’accostamento delle tonalità, ma in questo, non hai certo bisogno di consigli. Secondo me il tutto, sta nello scegliere la giusta tonalità di blue dei mocassini scamosciati, per renderli il più versatili possibile con altri capi blue, ma più facilmente intercambiabili ;)

  3. p.s prova una camicia, con colletto italiano e rigorosamente non rigido: colletto con le vele dai 5 cm in sù: non come quelle dior style per intenderci, che hanno il colletto corto, anche se da quel che ho visto, non piacciono tanto neanche a te; comunque dicevo, colletto italiano, morbido, e vedrai che la camicia rimane aperta naturalmente, in maniera pulita e morbida appunta, sia con la giacca, infatti le vele si accomodano da sole sotto la giacca, senza tirare, sia senza giacca, creando una V sul petto, che non si scompone quando chiudi le braccia o le alzi. Ovviamente, non button down, quelle sono un discorso a parte

  4. Ciao, il taglio è molto bello ti rende più…maturo ed elegante.
    Per quanto riguarda l’outfit, semplice ma impeccabile.
    Anche qui da me continua a piovere, speriamo in un bel Maggio…
    una curiosità: perché nella foto dove sei disteso sul divanetto (elegante anche quello!!) ti sei tagliato le estremità dei piedi?
    la foto non risulta correttamente centrata, che mi dici?

  5. Hi Filippo,

    You’re right Filippo, your absence is inexcusable! Yes inexcusable, because we were apprehensive. You mustn’t make us such frights! Of course, I joke because I doubt that you’ve major projects underway … D & G, Dsquared, LV …? Mystery!

    That is said, back to basics : your outfit for this wonderful opening party of the new “Hackett” flagship store in Milan :-).

    Here, the main element of your outfit is undoubtedly the double breast jacket otherwise called “blazer” name of the boat on which appeared this type of jacket in 1867… But don’t worry, dear Filippo’s followers, I’m not going to tell you the story of this jacket.

    Legendary garment, it’s not possible to take too much originality with it. If purists, considere that wearing a blazer is reserved by the seaside, it’s still acceptable to wear it outside of the shoreline. But beware, you must follow certain rules!

    1 – The color: A blazer must absolutely be navy blue.
    2 – The buttons: they should never be golden, you’re not a marine. In this case, you can choose between three colors: dark blue, beige (in horn) or dark like Filippo’s blazer.
    3 – The trousers: generally it should be either beige, like the Americans, or gray, like the Europeans. In the case of Filippo, his trousers’ color is the only downside that I bring to his outfit : it’s not very conventional. But, after all, this is what makes his style. Anyway, in choosing the colors of their trousers, Italians often show originality, and it doesn’t displease me. Moreover, for the anecdote, when I was younger (don’t laugh, I’m still young because I’m under 35), I remember that all summer, in Brescia, my uncle always wore his blazer with a red pants… An italian tradition that I finally adopted and I like it.
    4 – The shoes: Unlike buttons, black is banned!! With a blazer you should always wear brown shoes. In the case of Filippo, his Tassel Loafers are a perfect choice.

    As always, I realize that I write a long enough comment, so I’ll stop there. In conclusion, I would say that Filippo’s outfit choice is perfect and I congratulate Royal Hem for this magnificent blazer. Oh yes, last point: Filippo, by pity, throws me this pair of sunglasses! Not only it doesn’t suit you, but in addition, I feel that you’ve bought in a market. How dare you wear that ugly sunglasses into the country of Persol? Excuse me, I’m a little bit rough but I hate those sunglasses :-(

    Have a good afternoon.

    Big Hug honey :-*


    1. Hi Julien,
      Your vision of fashion is very sad ! The blazers can be in tweed, pink or even green ! Look at some blogs like jakandjil or thesartorialist ! Fashion need to break rules. Look at, for exemple, Francsco Cominelli, he was wearing a blazer in tweed, with a green chinos. You’re too conventional.

      I think you write here for spread your knowledge, but you’re boring !

    2. Hi anonymous.

      I love talking to an anonymous…

      1- Anonymous said : “Your vision of fashion is very sad !”

      Julien answer : If for you wearing a blazer with a red pants, like I do and like I wrote on my comment (at the end of item number 3), it’s having a very sad vision of fashion, I’m curious to know what, for you, is not sad!

      2- Anonymous said : “You’re too conventional”.

      Julien answer : Yes I am, and I’m very proud of that. Because in my opinion elegance is more important than fashion effects, which sometimes make fashionista more ridiculous than ever. Remember one essential thing : fashion goes out of style as quickly as it becomes fashionable. And follow fashion to the letter means taking the risk of being unfashionable. On the other hand, you should know that “to break rules.” as you wrote, you must know these rules, so as not to be ridiculous when you want to break them, as some pseudo fashionista…

      Anonymous said : “I think you write here for spread your knowledge, but you’re boring !

      Julien answer : Yes I’ve some knowledge and so what? What bothers you? For my part, I prefer to share my knowledge and my views about fashion with others, rather than content myself with the usual “oh fabulous” “I love it’s super”… Comments certainly more boring than mine. What I expect, it’s not to be insult, like you do, but exchange my ideas and confront my vision of fashion with others … It could be rewarding. It’s unfortunate that you’ve added insult to your comment, because you’ve an interesting opinion, especially when you evoke the tweed double breast jacket. Maybe I should have specified on my comment but, for me, I make a difference between a classic blazer and a double breast jacket. It’s perhaps because in France the term “blazer” refers to a very specific type of jacket that I mentioned in my comment. Having said that, it doesn’t bother me to see a man wearing a tweed double breast jacket with a green pants (and even with a green corduroy pants), instead, it’s very smart.

      To conclude, let me pleasure, next time, before you insult me think about this: “insult is the weapon of the poor spirits” :-) This advice is not directed only at you.

      Have a good night.


    3. Hi anonymous,

      Thank you ! You’re confirming what I thought : you don’t participate in this blog to exchange ideas and debate, but only to criticize and insult the others, without even taking the time to read their comments.

      Your attitude speaks volumes about who you are and it doesn’t grow you up.

      To conclude, I even admit that your answer delighted me, because you’re a living proof who confirms the adage : “insult is the weapon of the poor spirits” :-)

      Have a good night.


  6. Hi Filippo,

    I always appreciate your looks. However, I think you should try to surprise us more often. Your mixes are too often predictable. Why not try something new, less “classic”?

  7. Il nuovo Store Hackett London è favoloso e ha meritato tutta l’attesa di questi ultimi mesi!!! Rinnovo a te i complimenti per outfits e ti suggerisco anche la nuova S.Tropez jacket di Royal hem, è davvero fantastica!! Buona serata!! :D

  8. Julien, when you spoke about grain leather covered with platic, i’ve reminded some american old brands as g.h bass which are also very economic, but let me say that watching them is clear at first sight their cheap quality: i’m not so expert as you’re, i read even other comments of yours, so i can’t say you don’t know what you’re talking about, but, could u tell us from what you ve noticed these loafers are in grain leather? Cause for what i have seen talking about grain leather, these Filippo ones don’t look in grain leather

    1. Hi anonymous.

      Finally! An intelligent anonymous who understood exactly what I expected as reactions to my comments.

      Thank you for your excellent comment!

      Unfortunately, I’m a little busy, so I won’t answer immediatly and in detail to your comment. If you can wait a bit, I’ll answer you with pleasure in the afternoon.

      Have a good afternoon


    2. Hi Anonymous.

      I’m back!

      In fact, I didn’t speak specifically about Filippo’s shoes but only on some Church’s shoes made with bookbinder leather.

      However, about Filippo’s Tassel Loafers, if you want my point of view, I think they’re made with bookbinder leather. And if I can write that, it’s just because I’ve a true passion for shoes and I know Church’s’ brand. So, this is what I can tell you about Filippo’s shoes:

      - Church’s model : Tassel Loafers – Keats.
      - Price : around 500 euros.
      - Color : burgundy, it’s a sort of reddish brown (burgundy words refers to burgundy wine which in turn is named after the Burgundy region of France).
      - Leather : polished binder (Binder = Bookbinder).

      Of course, I could be wrong (but I don’t think), because all Church’s shoes are not made with bookbinder leather, only few models. In fact, everything depends on the purchase period of Filippo’s shoes. Because, few years ago, Church’s didn’t manufacture shoes with Bookbinder leather. Finally, to be sure what type of leather is used, it’s better to see the real shoes and not a picture.

      Otherwise, about what I wrote about Church’s shoes made with bookbinder leather, for clarity I didn’t say that Church’s shoes are poor quality. Of course, I’m perfectly aware that Church’s’ shoes’ quality is no comparable with supermarket’s shoes’ quality. It’s just a little provocation. Obviously I will not explain here why I write this, it’ll be too long, but I can say : despite Church’s shoes quality (which remains well above of supermarket’s shoes) if I must choose (at the same price and the same quality manufacturing) between a Church’s’ shoes made with bookbinder leather and an other brand’s shoes made with natural leather I would rather buy shoes with natural leather.

      Have a good afternoon.


    1. Hi anonymous,

      You’re confirming what I thought : you’re ILLITERATE!!!!!!!! Yes, ILLITERATE!!!!!!!!!

      It’s written: « This comment has been removed BY THE AUTHOR. »

      In this case, THE AUTHOR it’s ME not Filippo! In fact, Filippo is THE BLOG ADMINISTRATOR.

      DO YOUR UNDERSTAND? Or it’s too complicated for you?

      So, Filippo has NOT deleted my comment, it’s ME because it had been published twice.

      Next time, before you laugh at the others, THINK a little… If you can. It’ll save you from being ridiculous.

      Have a good evening :-)


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