smurfy PANTS

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I’ve been busy so a heavy project in these days. This is the reason why I’ve been working so hard out from the blog. I hope you can understand me and be happy to know that I got the “yes” I was looking for.

I’m over the moon right now! =D
In the pics I’m wearing one of my favorite Royal Hem Jacket from the past SS, blue Topman pants and  59BondSt double monks shoes.
Do you know where I can by super light beige (almost white) slim pants?
  • Asos Spitfire Sunglasses
  • Ralph Lauren Shirt
  • Royal Hem Jacket
  • Topman Pants
  • Byblos crocodile vintage Belt
  • 59BondSt double monks shoes
  • Balenciaga Briefcase
  • Portoguese Watch thanks to IWC
  • Gallo socks

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