• Church’s Keats loafers
After more than two months in England for a complete restyling, my favorite shoes are back home.
Two are the shoes that a real gentleman must have in his closet : loafers and “double monks”. When we talk about loafers we commonly refer to the Church’s “Keats” while the latter can only be a John Lobb.
I have the first ones for now, in fact I still have to wait for a “real” Double Monk (about 1000 euros). Remember, in 5 day is turning 2 years old so they would be the best present! = D
Today I’m leaving for three days of relax and fun in the mountains hosted by a brand I worked with some months.  Stay tuned! = D

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  1. bè avere scarpe Church’s o Lobb in primis (che tralatro è fornitore garantito dei Reali inglesi), significa possedere dei piccoli capolavori, delle opere d’arte che resistono all’usura del tempo grazie ai servizi unici offerti da Church’s come la risuolatura da te commissionata… altro che “usa e getta” XD

    by Dolceamaro

    1. Ad essere precisi il fornitore dei reali è john lobb di Londra.
      Da quel che mi ricordo la lobb si divise in Londra e Parigi. Quest’ultima fu acquistata a fine anni novanta da hermes, di cui era fornitrice, ed è quella che conosciamo oggi. Poi c’è john lobb Londra che fa solo su misura.
      Comunque io non le uso perchè sono ancora giovane per andare a spendere queste cifre su delle scarpe, ma piû che church sono ottime, da quel che so, le Alden e le green.
      Riguardo ai loafers con nappine per me santoni rimane piû simpatica con quella tinta al naturale, io voto santoni. O rossetti, che ha importato il modello dall’America anche cambiandolo, tra l’altro.

    2. io mi riferivo a Lobb inglese quello “storico” (insignito dei royal warrants del Principe di Galles e del Duca di Edimburgo) il cui negozio è ben visibile nel film “Oliver Twist” di Polanski


    1. Io ho le Keats ed un mio amico ha le Alden in cordovan, come pellame e comodità non c’è paragone a favore di Alden ma come forma meglio Church’s, IMHO.

  2. Hi,

    “Tassel Loafers”! I really love these shoes. Unfortunately, as I have already written, in France Tassel Loafers convey a disastrous image, mainly because of their names. Indeed, in France, Tassel Loafers are called “mocassins à glands” (mocassini con ghianda). But, in France the word “gland” (ghianda) has many meanings… And not always very elegant. I don’t know if it’s the case in Italy. But rest assured, I’m not going to “spread” about this shoes’ type, because I’ve already spoken on them, on this blog here :

    About Church’s’ brand, I confess to have been neglected it, because the “bookbindé” models have been increasing. For those who don’t know what’s the définition of « bookbindé », it’s a leather whose surface (grain leather) has been “shredded” to be covered with plastic! Yes, plastic! To a lover of beautiful shoes, like me, not only it’s a sacrilege to cover leather grain with plastic, a material that’s aging badly, but also and especially, it’s a shame. Yes a shame because Church’s daring to sell several hundreds of euros “plastic shoes” as we can found it (in only a few euros) at the supermarket. I know I’m a little rough, but I’m outraged by this type of practice.

    Otherwise, Filippo’s choice for a pair of William made by John Lobb is very good and very wise. Moreover, this famous double-monk named William (and also Lopez Loafers) was “born” in Paris, that’s why they are very elegant shoes 🙂 Certainly, these double-monk’s price (1000 euros) is particularly high. But, with John Lobb, there’re no surprise and, contrary to Church’s, you’re getting your money! In addition, you’re sure to have a pair of real leather shoes and a pair of high quality shoes that will last a lifetime… If you have properly maintained. Moreover, it’s unfortunate that Filippo doesn’t have warned us earlier of his desire to own a pair of William, it would have been a best present to our favorite blogger for his blog’s birthday. Don’t rejoice Filippo, I’ve not bought for you a pair of William. Sorry 🙁 In any case, I’ve no prepared to you a surprise… Finally, for the time being. Besides there isn’t need a birthday to offer a present.

    Have a nice evening.

    Big hug :-*



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