I have a crazy bad luck in terms of reflex and connected lately. Before the new 7D and now the 50 mm 1.4, that I use to take the 99% of the photos that you see on the blog,  ig giving me problems.
In fact, before making these shots, the lens’s fallen from about 10 cm. The result? The photos you can see in this post: very blurry and fuzzy. Obviously I have already left the lens to the Canon center and it will be ready on Tuesday. Let me just say that me and the girls of the Canon Center are now friends! =D
Let’s consider the look now. Since I had to spend an afternoon of study I decided to dress without exaggerate to much. The only intense color? The coral red cashmere pullover . I finally revived my Prada Saffiano leather briefcase. I really care about this bag bag because it’s the very first purchase I made with the first money the blog assured me. What is the craziest purchase you’ve ever done?
  • Burberry Coat
  • Olga Milano Tailor-Made Shirt
  • Gente del Forte Pullover
  • Pants Thanks to Patrizia Pepe
  • Epos Sunnies, Portoghese
  • Watch Thanks to IWC
  • G. Fossati Hand-made Shoes
  • Gallo Socks
  • Prada Saffiano Leather Briefcase

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  1. Mi piace molto il colore del pull, un po’ meno forse i pantaloni. Nel complesso però sei ok! 🙂
    Per quanto riguarda gli acquisti ne faccio talmente tanti che a volte mi dimentico di averli nell’armadio, ovviamente spendendo sempre nei limiti..sono ancora una mantenuta da papà! 😛
    Bacioniiii! 😀

  2. Hi Filippo,

    Congrats! Your outfit is perfect!

    As anyone can see it, in your article, the essential element is color. For my part I even would say, more than color, the essential element is mainly colors’ combination. Indeed, you did a « faultless » and everyone should follow your example:

    First: “colors’ number”.
    You’ve fully complied with the rule: no more than three colors simultaneously. In fashion, it’s an essential rule, because confine oneself to three colors avoid saturating the eye of one who looks at you. In addition, and it’s not negligible, you won’t look like Harlequin, which saves you from being ridiculous.

    Second: “colors’ choice”.
    You’ve chosen a perfect colors’ combination. Indeed, combine red and gray, perfectly suited to men, like you, with tanned skin and brown hair. In addition, you had the good idea to wear dark color for the bottom, which tends to beautify your silhouette, and wear a “clear color” for the top, which illuminates your face and your outfit.

    In conclusion, I’ll say one thing: you can follow Filippo’s example, eyes closed.

    Finally, to answer your question: “What is the craziest purchase you’ve ever done?”
    I would answer of an emotionally point of view : the last craziest purchase I’ve ever done, is the one I made for your birthday!

    Big big hug :-*


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