ottica bongi. hand made sunglasses.
Last June,during my stay in Florence,I bought a pair of crafted sunglasses that I’ve proposed several times here on the blog.
By chance the owners of the Ottica Bongi,an eyewear shop between Piazza della Signoria and Ponte Vecchio,found my pictures on the internet where I was wearing their sunnies.With a great kindness yesterday they invited me to go back to them at the store where I was given this beautiful pair of glasses.How nice and polite are they?

Thank you again!

  1. Caro Filippo,non finiremo mai di farti i complimenti per l’eleganza con cui indossi i nostri occhiali.Essere stati scelti e menzionati da un gentleman con uno stile impeccabile come il tuo ci rende davvero orgogliosi.Grazie di cuore,è stato un piacere conoscerti!

  2. They look really nice on you!They’re also very different from what we are used to see,I don’t see sunglasses of that color that often,ivory or something similar(at least not for men).And they and you look masculine,so nice gift!=)