Usually I  don’t like yellow at all but this time I left groped by a Drumohr vintage looking shetland wool sweater. Shetland is kind of slightly rough and hairy wool from the Shetland Islands (Scotland). It’s very durable and it doesn’t mat. I think this is one of those perfect practical and comfortable sweaters to worn every day.
I then decided to match it with a bluequite elegant Caruso jacket.
This afternoon I have an important appointment that could change a lot of things:  wish me good luck!
  • Drumohr Sweater,
  • Caruso Blue Jacket,
  • Polo Ralph Lauren Shirt,
  • Libero Milano Pochette,
  • Barrow Bologna Jeans,
  • Spitfire Sunnies,
  • Tommy Hilfiger Penny Loafers Shoes,
  • Gallo Socks
  1. Hi Filippo.

    You decided to make us languish! OK I can still wait a little bit your jacket’s presentation, the one you wore at the Galaxy Nexus’ party.

    Otherwise, about this post :

    I love the bluequite and yellow combination. In addition, yellow suits you very well, this color lights you! : )
    Another plus: the jacket’s material goes well with the sweater’s material.

    However, the bluequite and dark gray’s combination, I’m not a fan. In my opinion, your pants’ color is too close to black. Today, I know many people associate these two colors (Karl Lagarfeld for example), but really I don’t like it. I must be too classical!

    Of course I love your socks, they are very fun!

    I wish you GOOD LUCK for your appointment. Yes GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!
    If in english we say : GOOD LUCK, in french we say : MERDE !
    Caution ! It is a dirty word : (
    In addition you shouldn’t thank me, otherwise it doesn’t work.
    At the end of my comment, I explain why the French say “merde” and not good luck.

    So : je vous dit MERDE pour votre rendez-vous !

    Have a very good day : )

    History :
    Often, the French students say “merde” before an exam, but originally this tradition comes from the theater. In the 18th century, before a performance, actors said “merde”. Because, the more there were carriages outside the theater, the more there were people in the theater. Therefore, the more there were people, the more there was chance of finding “shit of horse” (in french : “merde”) in front of the theater!

  2. Ciao :)
    A me sembra che ti stia benissimo il giallo, dovresti portarlo più spesso.
    Sbaglio o hai messo su qualche kg nelle ultime settimane? non vuole di certo essere un’offesa


  3. Perchè le caviglie mi sembrano molto gonfie, forse è dato dal cambio di stagione e dal fatto che probabilmente camminerai tantissimo per spostarti a Milano.
    Comunque sempre ordinato ed elengante
    un bacio

  4. If your pants is blue, it’s perfect!

    Otherwise, it’s nice to thank me, but you shouldn’t do it when I wish you : MERDE!
    I know it’s strange. But it’s the French’s superstition. :-o

    So I wish you again : MERDE MERDE MERDE : )

    And please don’t thank me, otherwise it doesn’t work!

    Big hug :-*

  5. Medical Minute :
    Hair loss is often hereditary. So just look at your dad’s head.
    Your dad still has much hair. So I think you don’t lose your hair, like your dad. : )

  6. God!!
    So many posts in so little time !
    It s clear your fans were waiting for !!!

    So, my point of view ?
    Very Prince of Galles (son of ;-)

    Hhuum, the jacket’s material goes well with the sweater’s material, ok, but the sweater seems to me a bit “rough” (I m speaking of the wool…Yes, it s a shetland one, I m not a fan. Too casual, here. It s a good choice for the WK)

    I don’t agree with your choice of trousers: your pants’ color is too close to black.

  7. @BG
    I know there are a lot of comments, but you don’t have read them all!
    I say that because of your remark about the pants’ color.
    Like you, my first impression was the pants’ color was too close to black.
    But, Filippo told me the pants’ color was really blue, but it’s not too clear through the pictures.

  8. @julien

    And… hummm… I don’t want to be rude but, huuumm, this shetland makes Filippo a bit… fat ?

    That’s the big question of the sweaters and how to wear them?
    According to me: don’t never wear a “big” sweater under a jacket !(only in light wool)
    and the more “heavy” is the wool, the more you’ ll wear the sweater without anything, in a casual way

    What’ your opinion Julien ?

  9. @BG

    My opinion ?
    All I know is that Filippo has gone back to the gym club!

    What should we conclude?
    This shetland makes Filippo a bit “fat” or Filippo has grown?
    This is a sensitive issue! : ) Like his hair!

  10. ti trovo sempre molto elegante, senza sbavature e con un pizzico di eccentricità. mi piaci molto!
    non mi capacito, invece, di come alcuni arrivino a scrivere addirittura che le tue caviglie sono gonfie: lo fanno per invidia? per stupidità? scherzano? mah..


  11. scusa filippo se ho visto male i tuoi capelli, ti seguo anche su facebook e mi è dispiaciuto essere preso in giro per una svista, di cui mi ero scusato. la classe non è acqua anche in questi casi. l.nono

  12. @BG

    I know you didn’t say that!

    I just wondered. Because if Filippo seems “fatter”, it’s because of shetland or his weight : (
    As he has gone back to the gym club, I thought “probably he took a little bit of weight… :’-(

    But you’re right, it must be because of this shetland. I will not overwhelm the poor Filippo with my sub heard, about his weight. Already some people think he’s losing his hair… It would be the cake! (ce serait le pompon en français – è il colmo! in italiano).

    Have a good evening : )

  13. @ Filippo

    I hope you know that we’re teasing you !
    We know you’re not fat and not bald.

    You’re VERY BEAUTIFULL : )

    I hope too that you are not angry :’- (

    Big hug :-*

  14. @BG

    You’re right, he doesn’t lose his hair !!!!!

    One of this blog’s readers thought Filippo was losing his hair, but he was wrong.

    In addition, as I wrote, I’m sure Filippo will not lose his hair. Because this phenomenon is often hereditary. So just look at his dad’s head.
    His dad still has much hair, so Filippo will not lose his hair… Like his dad. : )

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