PhotobucketLast photos I took in Milan while I was waiting for some friends. The occasion? A tea at home to exchange the Christmas greetings.
I decided to wear the new Royal Hem double-breasted jacket I received as a gift together with the coat I showed you a few days ago. What do you think about it?
Christmas has gone and 2012 is approaching. Are you already developing the plans for the upcoming year?
I wish you to spend these holidays in the best way and I also want to thank you for the affection you are showing every day that’s been able to make ​​this year very special.
  • Royal hem Jacket,
  • YSL Tie (vintage),
  • Marucca Cashmere Sweater,
  • Barrow Bologna Pants,
  • Church’s Shoes

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  1. Hi Filippo.

    First of all I hope you had a good Christmas.

    Then I have a question : where is the tea?
    Indeed, in a tea party, there’s tea. Isn’t it ?

    In the absence of tea, at least, I see that you have adopted a very English style. That may be why BG talks about “old school” (Between us, I think BG doesn’t like tea. That’s why he doesn’t like your style today… @ BG : Obviously it’s a joke)

    Anyway, this jacket fits you very well and you were be able to match colors of your tie and your sweater with the jacket’s stripes. What is unifying the look. However, I prefer when you wear this jacket buttoned, it’s more elegant, even if it gives you a very serious look.

    Of course it’s clear, this jacket’s model isn’t for everyone. At least, you must be beautiful… like Filippo for exemple. But, in the opposite case, refrain !

    That’s it. It was my opinion on this look.

    Last point, the only negative element of this article: you don’t smile : (
    WHY ?????? With a beautiful smile like yours, it’s a sacrilège!!!!!!!!!!
    Maybe you’re sad or worried. Are you?
    I hope not.

    Have a good evening.

    And don’t forget, every blessed day, make a big hug to those you love and tell them, you love them.

    Big hug :-*

  2. Dear julien
    Avez vous passe un bon noel et recu plein de jolis cadeaux ?
    I hope so
    Well, I have no doubt you re kidding, no problem
    Re well, I m found of tea, from Mariage Freres
    And re re w

  3. Dear BG

    “Un parfum d’aventure et de poésie s’évade à l’infini de chaque tasse de thé” Henri Mariage

    Henri Mariage understood everything. Life must be like that cup of tea… It must to exhilarate us with perfumes of adventure and poetry. It’s a little bit with this idea in my mind that I write my comments on this blog.

    But it’s thanks to you too. That’s why I adore you. I wouldn’t like “to beat one’s own drums” (nous jeter des fleurs en français), but I assert that you and I, while the others are content to write the minimum bare, like : amazing, I love your style, wonderful… We bring to this blog, through our comments, an enlightened mind. Yes, an enlightened mind… A french touch, with a lot of humour, a lot of mind and a lot of style.
    I know, it very arrogant to write this. But a French without arrogance is not a real French ! Isn’t it? : )

    On this. Good night !!!!

    And don’t forget, every blessed day, make a big hug to those you love and tell them, you love them.

    Big hug :-*

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