Red Blazer and a Vespa

Yesterday I stayed in Milan because it was Phil’s birthday… so, first of all, let’s say happy birthday to him!!
During the morning I went to the University, then I met my dear friend Cency for lunch, she was in Milan because she has tried the admission test for Bocconi University (good luck sweetie!=)).
I decided to take a photo to her Marc Jacob’s mouse adorable!!!!
We have taken these photos near my house, which is near a district called Brera…
and… I hope you’ll like them!!

I was wearing very cheap and simple stuff: infact the jacket and the shoes are from H&M.
Style and money aren’t synonymous , I think. Even If money can help you a bit! =)

Have a good Weekend…



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  1. Anche la Ciccylove sul blog di Phil^^..carii!! I love Topo, my favourite shoes in the world ma anche le scarpe di Phil mi piacciono da morire! bacettini a tutti e due! e phil vieni a bologna a trovarci!!

  2. Fil, Fil, Fil…well you never disappoint me, I love the red on you and the brogues are amazing. I’m a big fan of those kind of shoes although my mother make fun of me saying that I look like my granddad when I’m wearing them o.O

    About your previous outfit I’ve to say that it was maybe too much for such a classy guy like you. Of course is good to try out something new and let our creativity take over us, but I personally like consistency on someone personal style, that you’ve shown till that post. I hope you don’t take it the wrong way, maybe it’s just me but seriously those leggings (?) looks odd =P
    But kudos for trying something new.

    Big hugs <3

  3. no no sono solamente copribottoni!!! =)
    li ho anche uguali ma in blu…sono carini, a mio avviso!!!

    grazie a tutti per i complimenti!!
    solo una cosa: quando mi commentate potreste scrivere il vostro vero nome?? mi farebbe piacere! =)

    cindy…you are so kind! i love that kind of shoes too!
    In the previous post, as you said, I just wanted to try something different from my usual style..
    When i wake up every morning i choose my clothes according to my mood…and that morning probably i was a little bit out of control! ahahahaha

  4. Hahah out of control Fil (or Phil? what do you prefer?), I want to see that crazy side come out because you seems a very relaxed and very chill out.

    Btw I was wondering if you’ve a fashion muse/icon? And when your passion for fashion developed?

    I know these questions are very cliché but I’m curious 😛

  5. i prefer phil! =) but it’s the same! you are right…I’m a very relaxed person.. for example, i usually prefer restaurants rather then discos… even if…i love having fun! =)

    I love you questions!! =)
    I developed my passion for fashion since I was a child… I can perfectly remember when I was about 4 or 5 yo and my mum brought me to buy new clothes…well I chose them on my own!so funny!

    If I have to be sincere I actually don’t have a fashion muse…
    i don’t read a lot of fashion magazines, don’t surf internet trying to find new trends…I have my style …
    Maybe I could say tom Ford..but wouldn’t be too trivial! =)

    Grazie mille laura e complimenti per le mille borse! =)
    camelia..sai che non lo so se ci siano ancora o meno. chieredò alla mia amica! =)

  6. Thanks for answering =)

    I also prefer restaurants to discos and I’m totally addicted to lounge bars and chill out/lounge music, the atmosphere on those kind of places is just perfect.

    Anyways, since I don’t know you is really hard to tell, but I thought you had a natural sense of style, so is not a big surprise finding out you don’t have any muse or icon. As I said before in a previous post what appreciate the most about your style is that you don’t follow trends or “copy and paste” them from runways. This is something that I also like about Veronica’s style, she’s still capable of showing her own identity even though she tries all the time new trends and make them her own. I’ve seen some crazy blogs that are really painful to watch =P

    As you said you have your style and for that I like you even more.

    Good night and keep up the good work!

  7. Her shoes are Goregous !
    I like your Outfit also
    In Paris, every “smart fashionable man” are wearing pocket handkerchief with their jacket like you and I think it’s really cute !!

    Love your Lil blog !
    I’ll continue to follow you because it’s a pleasure to read your posts

    x x x

    Crissy Ofthedoor